AMC's Deputy Commanding General Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche visits the Depot

Photo by Pam Goodhart, Letterkenny Army Depot

Colonel Deacon Maddox hosted U.S. Army Materiel Command's Deputy Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche, on Monday, Mar. 21, 2016.

The General spent several hours at the depot acquainting himself with Letterkenny's mission, current programs, unique range of capabilities in support of the Department of Defense and its strategic location on the East coast.

After a working lunch with command briefings by Col. Maddox and Letterkenny Munition Center's Lt. Col. Trenton Conner, the General took the opportunity to personally recognize eight employees for their contributions to the success of the Depot.

After the recognition ceremony, General Wyche was escorted by Col. Maddox for a brief tour of the Depot that included stops at Buildings 350 and 370.

As the official party stopped in front of the Patriot radar antenna in the back garage area of Building 370, Deputy Commander Ms. Raines invited the General to get a closer look at the intricate wire wrapping of one of the 5,463 elements that make up the antenna. Another antenna was in the final stages of the sealing process and Depot artisan Ethan Bowman explained this process to Gen. Wyche. 

In the circuit card room, Gen. Wyche saw firsthand the micro-soldering skills of Depot artisans as he looked through a microscope at the repairs completed on an obsolete circuit card. He also learned that the circuit card room processes over 1700 circuit cards for one radar shelter in the recap program. This is in addition to supporting many other programs on the Depot.

What impressed the General during his visit was that the Depot is routinely doing things that can't be replicated at any other facility and at a fraction of the cost while maintaining a higher quality than its competitors. He used programs such as the Patriot reset, recap and new build programs as examples.

LTG Wyche was able to ask a lot of questions during the Command briefing and observed first-hand the production on the shop floors. At the end of the day, he summed up his visit by saying that Letterkenny is an example of the Organic Industrial Base's role as the nation's readiness insurance policy.

It was a good day for Letterkenny.




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