The Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) increment 2

LMP Increment 2 is an expansion of the currently deployed LMP system to address new and emerging Army Materiel Command (AMC) needs. For Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD), LMP Increment 2 will integrate an automated shop floor and enable the depot to use the system to its fullest potential.

LEAD will start deploying LMP Increment 2 in May/June 2016. Upon full deployment, nearly every employee at LEAD will use LMP.

LMP Increment 2 functionalities and capabilities will meet AMC requirements and fill gaps left from the initial deployment of LMP. For LEAD and other AMC sites, the implementation of the Complex Assembly Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) in LMP Increment 2 deployment will provide automated shop floor functionality taking the depot one step closer to becoming nearly paperless.

SAP CAMS integrated with SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), implements specific capability needed for the Army mission to execute the large/complex manufacturing and re-manufacturing programs for products such as Patriot and RCVs. This capability also supports low-rate and high touch production projects.

Shop Floor Automation (SFA)
The SFA functionality automates the industrial base shop floor, and augments traceability/genealogy. SFA includes electronic work instructions, elimination of manual processes, improved capacity planning and scheduling, real-time visibility of Work in Process (WIP), and improved quality management.

Plant Maintenance (PM)
The SAP PM module will be used to support shop floor equipment and tool management, both critical aspects of the Army Depot’s property accountability. This effort supports AMC’s goal to establish one source of centrally-managed information regarding all aspects of maintenance, service, calibration, certification, configuration, cost and condition for Army Depot Property.


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Similar to the systems used throughout the Air Defense and Tactical Equipment industry, LMP Increment 2 includes shop floor automation and a single system of record for Air Defense and Tactical Equipment maintenance. If the depot is going to stay competitive, it must implement this industry standard
It employs best business practices. As a result, the depot will have streamlined processes and improved efficiencies, which will ensure competitive rates.
Improved efficiencies will lead to increased workload and a secure future in Air Defense and Tactical Equipment for the depot.

Electronic work instructions will provide capabilities for capacity planning and Item Unique Identification (IUID), and will posture the depot for additional workload while reducing costs to the customer.


Production Order Management
All Production Directorates

Master Data Management
Material Master Cell

Plant Maintenance - Production Equipment
Industrial Equipment Maintenance Branch

Automated Identification Tracking (AIT)
All Production Directorates

Tool Management
Directorate of Production Engineering
DOPS Logistics

Work In Process (WIP) Tracking

All Production Directorates

Labor Reporting
Resource Management
Human Resources

User Account Management

Audit Consideration

Resource Managemen

LMP Increment 2 Pamplet (PDF)


LEAD Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Letterkenny Army Depot develops and delivers materiel readiness for Air Defense forces of the United States and its international partners and builds combat power for combined and joint route clearance operations worldwide.

Vision Statement

Letterkenny Army Depot is a data-driven, metrics-based organization that consistently delivers Best Value to its partners through an organizational culture that prizes quality, continuous improvement and innovation.

Safety Statement

Our mission at Letterkenny Army Depot is to provide outstanding safety and health protection to our soldiers, employees, contractors and visitors through solid management systems and employee involvement. We are committed to attaining a world class occupational safety and health management system, and firmly believe in the objectives and philosophy of the Voluntary Protection Program. We continually strive to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and to protect our valued employees, their families and our communities

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