Mission Statement

Letterkenny Army Depot develops and delivers materiel readiness for Air Defense forces of the United States and its international partners and builds combat power for combined and joint route clearance operations worldwide.


Vision Statement

Letterkenny Army Depot is a data-driven, metrics-based organization that consistently delivers Best Value to its partners through an organizational culture that prizes quality, continuous improvement and innovation.


Safety Statement

Our mission at Letterkenny Army Depot is to provide outstanding safety and health protection to our soldiers, employees, contractors and visitors through solid

management systems and employee involvement. We are committed to attaining a world class occupational safety and health management system, and firmly believe in the objectives and philosophy of the Voluntary Protection Program. We continually strive to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and to protect our valued employees, their families and our communities.


EMS Objectives:


  • Hazardous Material Use Reduction
    Reduce the quantity and toxicity of hazardous chemicals used at LEAD


  • Waste Reduction
    Reduce the amount of recurring hazardous waste and increase solid waste landfill diversion


  • Pollution Prevention
    Reduce air emissions, industrial waste water flow, and waste generation through new technology


  • Energy Use Reduction
    Reduce building energy intensity


  • Water Resource Conservation
    Reduce water consumption intensity