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July 2016

April 2016

Letterkenny hosts Army’s vice chief of staff on first visit to industrial depot

AMC's Deputy Commanding General Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche visits the Depot

Letterkenny breaks ground for Component Rebuild Facility

Letterkenny Army Depot Recognized For Superior Support Of Armed Forces

August 2015

Letterkenny Army Depot has new commander

May 2014

From U.S.

Letterkenny rolls out first vehicle for enhanced radar surveillance

January 2014

Readiness through Technical Prowess - Read the Article - from Armor & Mobility (E)
above arcticle in PDF

From U.S.

November 2012

From U.S.

A new RCV welding positioner at Letterkenny Army Depot was dedicated to the memory of Sgt. Andrew H. McConnell

October 2012

From U.S.
Honorable Shyu visits Letterkenny Army Depot

From U.S.
RCV welding positioner dedicated to fallen hero

September 2012

From U.S.
CITE awarded for RCV and Patriot Missile Recertification at Letterkenny Army Depot

August 2012

From U.S.
Col. Hagan assumes command of depot
Excellence in safety starts with LEAD
Chambersburg Native and LEAD employee presented Purple Heart from Gen. Dennis L. Via

June 2012

From U.S.
Letterkenny directors enhance leadership skills
7th annual Letterkenny Business Opportunity Showcase honors depot's 70th anniversary

May 2012

From U.S.
Letterkenny Army Depot has Direct Impact on PATRIOT GTA Requirement

April 2012

From U.S.
Auschwitz Survivor & Camp Liberator visit Letterkenny Army Depot

March 2012

From U.S.
First Female and Retired Colonel Accepts Top Civilian Position at Letterkenny Army Depot
AGPU New Build Program Celebrates with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Leadership Gathers to Share Ideas and Best Practices

February 2012

From U.S.
Letterkenny Army Depot Celebrates Winning Seventh Shingo Medallion for Manufacturing Excellence

January 2012

From AL&T magazine
Letterkenny's article about the Lean journey is featured on pages 110-113 click here (E)
or read the PDF - click here

November 2011

From U.S.
Letterkenny makes Progress in PATRIOT and Milestones in Missiles
Helping hands deliver successful Wounded Warrior hunt

September 2011

From U.S.
Letterkenny environmental audit scores high marks with no hazardous waste findingsPennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, stops by Letterkenny Army Depot

August 2011

From U.S.
Letterkenny Army Depot Awarded Seventh Shingo Medallion

July 2011

From U.S.
Soldier thanks LEAD for service

June 2011

From U.S.
Letterkenny Showcase draws prospective business partners together
SSG Richard J. Tieman Child Development Center Dedication (CDC Slideshow)

May 2011

From U.S.
Letterkenny Army Depot’s former Commander Colonel Steven Shapiro promoted.

February 2011

Letterkenny Army Depot’s long history benefits the warfighter of today. Read the Article at Military Logistics Forum (E)

November 2010

Letterkenny Depot level support and beyond - Read the article from Armor & Mobility (E)
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LEAD Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Letterkenny Army Depot develops and delivers materiel readiness for Air Defense forces of the United States and its international partners and builds combat power for combined and joint route clearance operations worldwide.

Vision Statement

Letterkenny Army Depot is a data-driven, metrics-based organization that consistently delivers Best Value to its partners through an organizational culture that prizes quality, continuous improvement and innovation.

Safety Statement

Our mission at Letterkenny Army Depot is to provide outstanding safety and health protection to our soldiers, employees, contractors and visitors through solid management systems and employee involvement. We are committed to attaining a world class occupational safety and health management system, and firmly believe in the objectives and philosophy of the Voluntary Protection Program. We continually strive to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and to protect our valued employees, their families and our communities

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