LEAD and Raytheon celebrate 10 years of partnership

By: Nora Zubia, Letterkenny Public Affairs Officer


Letterkenny Army Depot celebrated its 10 year Patriot Missile System partnership with Raytheon on July 10 and was recognized with the 2018 Four-Star Supplier Excellence Award presented by Mr. Jim Pickens of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.


“I am proud to represent the Letterkenny workforce – this is a direct reflection of what each of you all do,” said Depot Commander, Colonel Stephen Ledbetter, accepting the award. “Understand the significance of what we accomplish each day for our forces and allies,” he said.


"LEAD has proven over time to be an extremely cost effective supplier and partner to the Integrated Air and Missile Defense business unit," Pickens said. "As a Department of Defense Work for Private Party, LEAD's actual costs incurred related to Missile and Launcher new build, refurbishment and recertification has continued to remain extremely cost competitive to the Patriot business model," he said.


Raytheon Supply Chain worked closely with the LEAD Business Development Office and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command to develop enhanced cost reporting and Earned Value Management-like financial metrics in the Theater Readiness Missile Directorate and Theater Missile Systems Division at the depot. The results have been a tremendous improvement in the accuracy of Raytheon’s sales forecasts as well as improved visibility into any increased cost drivers.


Due to the development of enhanced cost reporting and financial metrics in 2018, Raytheon was able to capture significant contract reductions on the Saudi New Acquisition Program Launchers and Missiles in fiscal year 2018. LEAD and Raytheon work together to mitigate production delays related to long lead-time and non-conforming material.


LEAD's cable and metal fabrication shops continue to support Raytheon's various material requirements often on very short notice and has invested significant leadership focus and time improving their business model to support Raytheon and the United States Army.


LEAD and Raytheon joined forces in 2008, making LEAD the Army’s primary installation for maintaining and rebuilding Patriot Systems, the partnership appeared to have great potential.


Over time the prediction proved accurate as the partnership proved to be a win for both parties involved, tripling workload by 2019 with four current launcher programs, three missile programs and a strong future on the horizon.