Wounded Warrior Program

Taking care of wounded Warriors is an important part of the Army's mission. The Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Program is the official Army program that serves severely wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers, veterans and their families. Letterkenny Army Depot contains vast acres of hunting grounds and has specifically designed opportunities for Wounded Warrior Soldiers from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) and the National Whitetail Warrior Project, Inc. to participate in annual hunts at the depot. Since 2007, LEAD has hosted 33 hunts for 93 AW2 Soldiers, veterans and their families harvesting a total of 109 deer.

The LEAD Wounded Warrior hunt is organized by the direction of the Directorate of Public Works in coordination with Letterkenny Munitions Center. Volunteers for the hunt help ensure that hunters have a safe and successful experience.

To obtain additional information about the Wounded Warrior program at LEAD, or to become a participant, please visit the Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2). External Link