Letterkenny Child Development Center

Registration Procedures


The Mission of Letterkenny Registrar is to provide Army Families with dependable, affordable and timely Child and Youth activity opportunities.


The Letterkenny Registrar is your gateway for registering for child care. Before children can receive any services on the depot they must be registered at Parent Central Services.

Currently, the yearly registration fees are paid through Army Family Covenant; therefore there is no registration cost. Please call to schedule an appointment to register your children.

One of the main goals that Parent Central Services strives for is to provide continuity of care to ensure stabilization of Families who have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to Letterkenny Army Depot or when Families transition from civilian childcare to Army childcare. The technology we use connects us to all the Army Installations, making the registration process almost seamless. This global connectivity helps expedite the Family stabilization process and ensures the gaining installation meets their objective to provide a thorough, efficient transition for relocating Families. We take pride in providing world class service to our Army Families, remembering that Family stability is a critical component for a Soldier's readiness.

  Items needed for CYS Services Registration:
  • Proof of eligibility (legal guardianship, child military ID, Tricare Card or DEERS printout)

  • Copy of Birth Certificate (Required of DOD Civilians or contractors)

  • ID Card (sponsor and spouse).

  • Allergy/Asthma Action Plan (if applicable)

  • Current immunizations / shot record (mandatory to be registered)

  • Two local emergency designees and phone numbers

  • AKO or other email address

  • Family Care Plan for dual and single military members

  • Health Assesment

  • Home/work/cell phone number(s)

  • LES / Pay Stub


Multiple Child Discount


Parents will receive a 15% discount for siblings in the full and part-time programs. If more than one child in a family is enrolled in care within the same community, the parent pays the full rate for the most expensive program and all other children in the same family receive a 15% discount when enrolled in full day or part day programs. Multiple child discounts do not apply to hourly programs.


Information Hand Outs and Forms


Child Development Centers are Morale Support Fund Activities. They are supported by a combination of user fees and appropriated fund support. There is a sliding scale based on the Total Family Income (TFI) for full and part day programs and a flat rate for hourly care. Parent fees do not pay the full cost of care. All parents are subsidized whether they are in Category I or category IX. Childcare fees are subject to change, but parents will be given a minimum of 30 days notice before changes are made.


Registration Forms


Special Needs Assessment Forms

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